Contura i4 classic inset stove

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Brand: Contura
Product Code: Contura-i4-classic-inset-stove
Logs: 25 cm
Output: 4kW
Efficiency: 80%
Horizontal And Vertical Exit: 125
Availability: Available in Store

My fire transcends the boundary between tradition and modern design. I really have a passion for our traditions and go mad at flea markets and in antique shops. Why buy new and mass-produced when there are so many beautiful, old things of much better quality? There are limits however, our forefathers were not superior at everything. How lucky then that it is possible to combine good, old tradition with new and better technology, without losing the English classical expression.


Output 3-5 kW
Efficiency 80%
Height* 550 mm
Height frame 600 mm
Width* 390 mm
Width frame 490 mm
Depth* 350 mm
Weight 77 kg
Colour Black
Wood length 25 cm